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Share Your Nature!

You’ve completed Find Your Nature.
Now, lets connect!

Congratulations on completing FIND Your Nature!
These valuable rewards are for you!
Each is designed to help you see yourself, others–and all of life–through Ayurvedic eyes!

I’m grateful for your presence here, and I look forward to more interaction with you, soon.


with care,



Its time to explore the STRENGTHS of your natural characteristics!
Click on the button below that corresponds to your predominant dosha to learn more about how to work with these vital energies.



Let us know how you feel!

Your feedback is important to us. With your help, we can tailor and improve this tool to benefit others.


CONNECT with Community
Yes! You now have ‘Solid Ground’ knowledge that gives you great ‘Common Ground’ with others learning to know and care for life with Ayurveda, too.
SO–you’re invited to JOIN the AYURMAMA FaceBook Group community, a place you can always ask questions and enjoy meaningful and dynamic discussion.
Drop in anytime to ask questions, share and connect with other women learning to see, understand and care with the Ayurvedic perspective.
Come on over. You belong!