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Here are our best answers to the most-asked technical questions from clients and students of all kinds.


Q: How do I get a password?

GO to

CLICK on–– Need Your Password?––at bottom of login box.

A form will pop up.

ENTER the same email you signed up with.
(Our system recognizes your unique email id to grant you access.)

CHECK for an email from
Allow up to 15 minutes for arrival in your inbox.
Still don’t see it? Check “Promotions,” “Spam” or “Junk” folders in your email client.
Move the email to your main Inbox.

CLICK on the link in the email to SET your password which is encrypted in WordPress for your security.

Q: Help! I can't log in.

Try double-checking…

1. Your Email ID
Make sure you are entering the email address associated with your Vital Revival Institute account.
This is the email you signed up with, or subsequently updated to.
Our system recognizes your unique email id to grant access.
Update any login-saving software–such as LastPass–if you change your account email id, which can be done on your My Account page.

2. Your Password
If you aren’t sure the password you’re entering is accurate, get a new one.
GO to Login Page:

CLICK on Need Your Password? at the bottom of the login box.
A form will pop up.

ENTER your email.

CHECK for an email from
(Allow up to 15 minutes for this email to arrive in your in box. Still don’t see it? Check “Promotions,” “Spam” or “Junk” folders in your email client, and move the email to your regular In Box.)
CLICK on the link in the email to SET your password.
Update any login-saving software you use, such as your web browser or LastPass, with your new password.

Q: The log-in page at isn't loading. What can I do?

Here are steps to take to clear any obstacles to loading correctly:
1. Close the browser, reopen, and reload the page.
2. Try the shortcut Ctrl-F5 to reload the page bypassing the local cache.
3. Remove cookies associated with the domain. Reload.
4. Try another browser available on your system, or a mobile browser.
5. Disable add-ons and scripts that may be running in the background.
6. Confirm the site isn’t blocked by security software, firewall, hosts file, or an adblocker.
7. Reset your internet connection.
8. Restart your computer and router.

Tried these steps and still can’t load
EMAIL us at
We’ll do all we can!

Q: My "My Account" page is blank. What should I do?

If you’ve just updated your unique email id or reset your password, our system needs to resync.

Reload the page, and your updated information should appear.

Q: Why can’t I access all program materials at once?

Stage-release courses grant access based on  completion of your course objectives, such as homework, Life Labs, etc.
Complete the objectives and you will move forward and gain access to more material.
Content release is structured in this fashion to promote engagement and learning integration while preventing mental overwhelm.

Q: I completed a lesson, but can't access the next one. How do I move forward?
Access to a lesson will unlock once ALL of the objectives from the previous lesson have been checked off. The objectives checklist resides on the main page of each lesson. Manually check off objectives that you have completed and be sure to REFRESH the page once this is done. Blue checkmarks should appear to confirm that you have checked off each task. If you continue to experience an access blockage after refreshing the page AND your browser, please email us at for assistance.
Q: Is there a time limit for completing my program or course? Will my access expire?

Your content access is yours for the lifetime of the program or course, as long as it’s hosted here.
Live aspects of your course/program, such as group or personal coaching sessions, may be available only during a specific period of time.
Please see purchase terms for clarification.

Did you find the solution you need?
If you still need help, please email us:
We’re here for you Tuesday through Saturday, 12 – 6pm Eastern.
We’ll reply as quickly as we can, so you can move forward.